Stefan's Story


“RPSM has helped me succeed as a guitar player and as a learner.”


Stefan performed with the RPSM Guitar Quartet at Q107 radio station, where Canadian pop legend Andy Kim signed his guitar.


“I began learning how to play when I was age six at RPSM’s old Queen Street East location. My first teacher was Paul. He taught me the basics of guitar and I was soon able to name all the notes and play my first songs. After spending a couple of years with Paul, I got a new teacher, Brad. I did my first ever Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) guitar exam, where I had to play songs, scales and arpeggios. I was very nervous at first, but once I completed it, I realized that it was actually pretty fun. 

Over the years, I have completed five RCM exams. At my Level 4 exam last year, I got an overall mark of 91 and won the Provincial Gold Medal. I also competed at the Kiwanis Festival, earning two golds and one silver for the three songs that I played. This year is my third year in the Guitar Quartet at RPSM. We play rock and classical songs, and we perform at many different events. We even played for the radio station Q107, where Jennifer Valentyne presented the school with a donation and pop legend Andy Kim signed my guitar. Overall, my eight years at the music school have helped me succeed as a guitar player and as a learner, and I hope to continue practicing and improving.”


Regent Park School of Music