Mustafa's Story


“RPSM looked past our place in society and gave us a second home.”


Today, Mustafa Ahmed goes to university and serves on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's 15-member youth advisory council.

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"We are all very fortunate to have homes, even if they are not necessarily our own, even if they are in low-income neighbourhoods like Regent Park. However, I must say that the ones who truly blessed us were the ones who looked past our place in society and gave us a second home.

RPSM is a school that doesn’t merely provide 8” X 11” sheets of paper to study. It provides a wealth of knowledge and love that many youth can’t find anywhere else. This school painted vibrant colours in our lives. The teachers honed more than just our musical ability, but also our character and our confidence.

They help kids tackle the barriers they’ve set around themselves, which confine them in all their insecurities. They accept us for who we are and then they provide a cloak of care.

It’s crazy the way RPSM changes lives through music, but at the same time completely understandable. Music triggers emotions and opens the heart to a spiritual connection, and I’ve been connected. I found a home at RPSM, kids are finding homes, and there is nothing in the world more comforting and beautiful than that. Thank you.”


Mustafa Ahmed was born and raised in Canada’s largest social housing project, Regent Park, in Toronto. He has made a difference in his community by founding programs to get youth involved in arts and literature. He is also deeply involved in helping immigrants to Canada feel at home in their new country.

Regent Park School of Music