Ben's Story


"Performing with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd at the ACC was so nerve-wracking and exciting!"


Ben joined RPSM’s junior choir when he was 7 years old, and is still singing strong 10 years later.


“RPSM has been a great environment for me to flourish and grow up in for the past 10 years. I’ve made so many friends, learned how to play drums, and sing in a choir as well as solo. I also learned how to use turntables. The school has helped me grow by showing me how practice makes perfect. 

I still remember why I started vocal lessons. I had seen a performance at Roy Thomson Hall by Guido’s Orchestra, a pop orchestra from the Netherlands. It lit a spark in me. The lady that performed had a truly beautiful voice and I said to my mom, “I want to sing like that!” She signed me up for lessons. I went on to take RCM exams in Vocal Studies. In 2011, I was presented with the Wayne Strongman Scholarship for Excellence in Vocal Studies.

Training my voice for the past nine years has led to many amazing opportunities to perform with the choir and even with famous artists. Twice, I got to perform with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd at the ACC. It was so nerve-racking and exciting!

I have developed so much as a person through the time I have spent at RPSM, and will enjoy the rest of my time here as a student.”


Regent Park School of Music